Slewing Rings

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Slewing rings may be small, but they help do some of the largest jobs in the business. From swing arm rotation on cranes to the platform on a wind turbine, slewing rings are an integral part of many machinated processes. When it comes to the parts that make the many processes of your business possible, Grainger is there to help.

 slewing rings are designed to provide precise positioning with consistent repeatability, in applications where rotation is constant, intermittent or oscillating. They are the ideal bearing for advanced rotary index tables or any design where the bearing will interface with other precision mechanical components.

INA VLU200644 Slewing Rings

210 mm 4300 r/min
3 mm 39 kN

Kaydon MTE-145X Slewing Rings

1028 mm 6 mm
910 mm 220 r/min

Kaydon KH-275E Slewing Rings

4 mm 1074 mm
1160 mm 7.5 mm

INA VLU201094 Slewing Rings

3.175 mm 31.8 mm
52.4 mm 16.3 kN

Kaydon KH-225E Slewing Rings

2.8 59 mm
94.7 mm 3 mm

Kaydon MTE-730 Slewing Rings

26.0000 mm Two Seals
9.000 mm 34000 rpm

Kaydon MTE-265X Slewing Rings

110 mm 1 mm
145 mm 7 mm

Kaydon MTE-870 Slewing Rings

1650 r/min 13.8 kN
2 x LOR 100 155.575 mm

INA VSI200744-N Slewing Rings

SNW 3026x4.1/2 52.388 mm
31.75 mm 114.3 mm

INA VLA200744-N Slewing Rings

27.00 mm 62.0000 mm
1.00 mm 20400 N

INA VLA200544-N Slewing Rings

1.00 mm Shield & Seal
6000 rpm 72.0000 mm

INA VU200220 Slewing Rings

3 mm 5.5 mm
30.650 kN 1.5 mm